Travelblog '17

Marathon one for the 2017 season was one I had on my radar screen for many years. I remember hearing stories of the Bataan Death March Marathon from a fellow running club member of the Shoreline Striders.

I was traveling from Houston to Atlanta after finishing my fourth consecutive USATF 100-mile Trail Championship and daydreaming. The 100-mile was not what I expected. I took a fall after catching a toe under a root and messed up back at mile 75. I hobbled into mile 80 and was seriously thinking of dropping out, with one 20-mile loop to go. After sitting and regrouping I went back out when someone offered to accompany me.

Bundled for joy!

Smiling at my 1,000th race start, the 50k US Road Championships in New York, March 1. Could have used some ice skates in spots, instead of my Newton Kismets. 2 pair of Wigwam socks on my feet too.

Finished 1st in age group, won my 82nd national title and second of the year.

CW-X kept me comfortable in temps of 20 degrees F with snow fall in the latter stages of the race making the sand covered ice quite slick. They ended up with 6 inches.

998 finishes in the books and on schedule for my 1,000th finish at Boston Marathon on April 20.

I returned to the Rocky Raccoon 100-mile USA Trail Championships after breaking 24 hours last year. My training pointed me in the direction of a sub 22-hour run this year and a course record for age 66.

March 16th was the kick off for the Promises to Keep 135. The event was called Courage Festival and it was hosted by Secura Insurance of Appleton, Wisconsin.

The 2012 race season opened the first weekend in March with the Caumsett Park 50 km hosting the USA National Championships.